Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bloggers quilt festival

It's that time of year again!
Yep, you know, where all those poor poor people have to go to quilt market and have to miss out on the Bloggers Quilt Festival held by Amy.

This quilt that I'm going to show y'all has a story. It's passport has more stamps than mine does!

Back when I started blogging, I was ( and still am) gobsmacked by how friendly and encouraging everyone is! Quilting can be such a lonely hobby at times. So the web has completely filled that void hey!?!

I started emailing back and forth with a few friends and so much has grown from that. I have met some amazing talented friends who are all so encouraging and excited about fabric and what we can make with it!

One of these friends is Angela. Yep. The one and only! This lady leaves me in complete awe of everything she does!

She has the same 24 hours in the day that I have but somehow she manages to continually deliver such amazing awesomeness in the quilts that she quilts!

I am completely jealous that this quilt has been over to the U.S. ( from Melbourne Australia) AND stayed with her for a visit!!!

When it all started, I told her to do whatever she liked on it and WOW! Never in my dreams did I expect this!

I absolutely adore this quilt and the love that has gone into it from a friend that I have never met but is so dear to me!

Thank you Angela and thanks Amy for giving me the perfect opportunity to blog about the best quilt(ing) ever!!!

Quilt pattern is Tail Feathers by Cinderberry Stitches
Fabric is panache by Sanae
Quilted by Angela.