Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quilter to the stars!

I Love this big wide Blogiverse of ours!
I have made heaps of awesome friends who are so amazingly talented!
One of these friends is the Amazing Angela!
Sounds like she should be wearing a cape and mask huh? Maybe I should suggest it to her. : )

I was over at her blog before, stealing photos of the quilts she has added her magic to and I couldn't decide on which ones were best so I stole heaps!
Hope she doesn't mind!

She tells me that she lives in the Midwest and says Y'all alot, One thing that sucks about emails is that I don't get to hear it!
I kinda imagine her sounding like Ellie May Clampett.( With a mask and cape)

If any of you gus out there live around Kansas City or anywhere in the U.S. then you are crazy if you don't book this lady in now!
Geez, Book her in for quilts that you haven't even started yet! C'mon!

Everytime she posts about her latest bit of work, I find myself wondering how I am going to get over to the U.S. so I can steal it! My plans never seem to come to fruition! Maybe its the super hero in her?

But, guess what???
She is gonna do some quilting for me! On one of MY quilts!!!
I know, Lucky huh!!!

I just have to decide which one to send her.
I am torn between a block of the month that is full of applique and stitcheries or a simple layer cake quilt that shows big chunks of the fabric.
Which one do you guys think?

Friday, July 30, 2010

It happens in 3's

I have been soooooo lucky these last couple of weeks!
You know how BlogLand is jam packed full of giveaways?
well, I only enter the ones that I would really like to win.

The awesome designers, Sweetwater have a great blog that is full of lots of eye candy of their patterns and fabrics.
They had a giveaway for these cushions. How could I not enter!?!
It is a gorgeous little kit! I love it and can't wait to make it!

Next up, I left a comment on a new to me Blog named QuiltSewScrap. Isn't that a cute name?
Suzanne made a great tutorial on how to make a Crochet Hook Organiser and Yep, she made 2 extras as giveaway pressies. I was lucky enough to score one and have been crocheting nearly every night since then! My hand sewing has been a bit neglected but its so nice to do something different!

It is so well made!I need to invest in more hooks to fill it now! : )

Then, just when I thought that life was really good, I was struck with the lucky wand again!
I know!!! Amazing huh!!!
I left a comment on Kellies blog and I was lucky enough to win a class with her at Ballarat Patchwork!!!
The first day of the class is next Saturday. I can't wait!!!!

So, I think I need to pass along some luck and organise a giveaway of my own soon!
Keep an eye open over the next week or so!

Monday, July 19, 2010

When is a T-shirt quilt not a T-shirt quilt?

When my Fella decides he wants one for a car cover!
He wants me to make him a fitted cover out of all his old car show t's.
Hmm, Have I mentioned that this car is HUGE!?!
I reckon we could play a game of footy on the front seat and not fall over each other!

(He would probably kill me if I didn't mention that this is a "before" photo)

Does anyone have any tips for sewing with T-shirts?
I think I have to iron interfacing onto the backs yeah?
ANY help would be VERY appreciated!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Jaybirds Circle Around Quilt

I was super spoilt for my birthday this year.
I got so many new quilting things and fabrics that I think I could happily turn 30 for the next 5 years!

One of the things I got from my Parents was The Circle Around Quilt by Jaybird.
This quilt is so ADDICTIVE. It was super quick to piece and so easy.
I have been looking at all of my precuts now wondering how many circles to make with them.
I just have to save some pennies and get the backing. I can't wait. It is all raw edge applique so after it gets washed it gonna go all fuzzy.
Yep, you read that right. I am looking forward to doing some washing! I know, Who knew thats what it would take!

If you get a chance I would definitely recomend popping over to Jaybirds shop and buying one of every pattern she has designed, This chick is amazing!!!

This is her next quilt that I have my sights set on.
I better get sewing on all the other awesome pressies that I got so I can blog about them too!

Mona is getting some tatts

Um, Have I mentioned before that I like the Urban Chiks?
Whats that you say? You may have heard me say that sometime?
Well, this is my favorite fabric of all their ranges.

I had one of those Duh moments the other day.
I have been wanting to paint Monas casing but I need to learn exactly how to get it off her and make sure it won't void any warranties etc...
I have been putting it into the too hard basket.
Then, I looked at her.
She was sitting waiting for her next time to shine, when I noticed that her cover is so plain. It was like it was laughing at me, taunting me that I hadn't thought of it before!

It is still a work in progress but I'm sure you get the idea! I can't wait for it to be finished!
Just don't tell my boss that I was slacking at work. : )

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not just talking and buying.

I agree, I thought this was (mostly) a quilting Blog!?!
Where are the quilts?
All I seem to do is yabber on about fabric and patterns...
Well, this was my afternoon yesterday.

I have managed to finally finish binding this monster. It fits my bed perfectly and I'm sure my dreams are now filled with lots of soft, happy cute things because of it!

This little fella is so gosh darn cute!

This is one of his mates.

They both live happily together with more friends on this quilt that I managed to FINALLY finish quilting and binding.

I recently learned a NEW TO ME binding technique. I am probably the last one in the Blogisphere to learn this,but you know what? I'm gonna rave about it anyway!
It is completely machine sewn and you don't have to worry about missing bits on the back or anything on the back at all.

I still have to practice with my mitered corners but I think for the quilts that are gonna be puked on, peed on, jumped on, made into cubby houses and dragged through the mud like this one, this is a perfect technique! SO super quick!!!

I am still going to use the "Old" technique for my special quilts and the ones that are gifts.
I have finished quilting my Neptune quilt, It still needs binding but I'm not sure which way to do it. Maybe I should flip a coin?
I finished quilting Mums 2 quilts for her too.
See, I have been sewing too, not just shopping and complaining about how hard life is when you can't decide on which fabric to buy!

Nick has become obsessed with spaceships lately. EVERYTHING in sight has a spaceship drawn on it.
A couple of years ago, I bought some of this fabric by Prints Charming. I wasn't too sure what I was going to make, Maybe a quilt?, Maybe some jammies? I got it out of the cupboard 2 days ago to show Nick and I think I could see the love hearts appear in his eyes! he tried to take the fabric to bed with him!

Plan is, I am going to make a super simple quilt with this on the front and back for him to drag everywhere. Yes, I am going to bind it in the new, beaut, super simple, quick and easy binding way!
Don't like my chances of keeping it white for very long!

A little bit of crazy at a time...

Do you guys watch Scrubs?
I do, ALOT! As in, can watch from Season 1 episode 1 right through every chance I get to watch some TV then start back at episode 1 again. I think I have some sort of entertainment Amnesia. I can also read the same book over and over and not get sick of it. Weird.
Anyway, In one episode of Scrubs, Elliott is getting some advice about her new fella. She is told to only show him a little bit of her craziness at a time and he'll be fine.
Well, that is what I am trying to do with you fine folk.
I am sure at times, I may sound slightly odd, Don't worry. I'm sure next week will be worse ; )
Although I have been buying a lot of fabric lately, I usually have a project in mind for it before I actually own it. I bring it home and put it away with the pattern that I want to use and there it waits for its turn.
I don't have much "stash" that hasn't got a plan.

Enter, Botany.
This range is awesome. the colours, the prints. everything!
I have a jelly roll and stuff from this range but no pattern designated for it.
I can't decide on a pattern that will show off the fabrics "just right".
So, Here is where I ask for help. What is YOUR favorite Jelly Roll pattern?
What would you suggest for such awesome fabric?
I have recently been told that I need to use my fabric and not save it so I need you guys to help out! Please!!!


Monday, July 5, 2010

It must be Love

Last week, Mum and I made a trip over to Ballarat Patchwork.
Yes,THE Ballarat Patchwork.
They had 20% off store wide. Gotta love that!

I have been wanting some Love for ages now but you know how it goes. Yeah, I like it, Yeah I want it. Do I get any? Not sure? Then, all the great photos start turning up on Flikr and you wonder how to track down these people so you can steal their quilts. It is a wee bit easier just to make your own.
Well, Get some? Yes I did! 9 fat quarters and you know what? I LOVE it : )
Whats your thoughts? Do I need to add some of the dark red/wine colour?

Miss Tula was calling to us and we each got a layer cake and enough various yardages to make borders and bindings. Can't wait to get started on this!!!

You can never have enough pin cushions huh? This little lady is OH SO CUTE!
There may be a photo or two of her pop up later in the week, I'm thinkin. ; )

And, last but not least, I have jumped on the Red and Aqua bandwagon. I am really looking forward to making this but have no idea what pattern to use??? Plenty of time, I've still got more fabric to buy!

So all of this is from our Day out! No wonder we don't go very often!
Did you notice the new button on the side bar? Yep, Another Quiltalong!
I have a heap of Sweet charm packs that have patiently waiting for their turn in the spotlight. Yep, See this Ladies, I am going to USE some of my Urban Chiks stash. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.......
Funny thing is... I'm gonna get Mum to Quilt Along too. I haven't told her yet so I wonder how long til I get the phone call : )

Thursday, July 1, 2010