Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The first step...

I am not sure who "THEY" are but They say that the first step fixing a problem is to acknowledge that there is a problem to begin with.
I think I may have a problem...

I may be obsessed with Vampire Love stories.
I can't get enough of them!
Sorry the next photo is blurry. I blame the camera : )

I am insane when it comes to my books. Some of these have been read twice and look at those spines!!!
No creases, no dog eared pages! nothing! I love my books looking new, none of these "well loved and well read" books for my bookcase!

I have been choosing to sit and read of an evening when I usually do my sewing.
so if you have been wondering why there hasn't been much sewing talk going on here, This is the reason!

They don't even have to have Vampires in them. I guess its more of the supernatural aspect that I love.
It has been a few days since I finished my last book and I can't stand it! I need more.....

At midnight tonight, Myself along with 2 of my closest friends are going to Crown Casino so we can stand along side hundreds of teenage girls waiting in line to see this movie!

We have had our tickets for ages! Yes, I know, Its on the verge of being pathetic.
I won't even mention my Twilight doona cover, My quilts might get jealous!
OK, I am sure the Jury is still out on whether or not this is a problem. (denial).
This is an OK addiction yeah? I'm not the only one am I?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dreaming on.

I need help.
I LOVE the Urban Chiks. You know, The fabric designers?
Some have used the word fanatic to describe my love for them...
I hoard their fabric. I buy so much but then, I decide that no pattern is ever good enough. What if, I use one of my Jelly Rolls but then it looks horrible in that pattern? Doesn't matter that I've seen someone on Flikr make it in the same fabric, What if mine isn't as nice?
What then?????
OK, So. That is one of my inner dilemmas.
Next dilemma is...
I don't think I like their latest range. *gasp*
I mean, Its OK. I know why they have designed this. The vintage sheet phenomenon is HUGE at the moment. I am not much of a fan.

What do I do????
DO I buy some and hope it grows on me?
What if I don't buy any but then fall in love down the track when I can't buy it any more????
Do I get some and make a quilt only to have to turn around and have "the talk" with it? You know the one.... "Its not you, its me. No, you're a lovely quilt. I'm just not ready for another quilt on my bed just yet."
Someone please help!!!
I understand that by sounds of this post, choosing fabrics is the least of my problems.... But, Should I buy some of this range???
Should I buy it to support my Fav designers and then gift the quilt to a friend?
Should I watch from afar as it sells out?
Should I get some just to keep the rest of my Urban Chiks fabric company? They can all be friends.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just to stop the hate mail : )

Ok, BIG apologies for not blogging for so long!
I am sorry!
Hopefully this may stop the hate mail.
I would love to say that my reasons for not blogging is that I've been so super busy that I just haven't had time to sit down at the computer.
I would love to say that but... It may not be true : )
I have made my Siggy blocks,

Mum has been sewing up a storm! I sent her home with a couple of charm packs of Recipe for friendship. I told her to make 9 patches with them. Nice and easy. Such a good student! We have since made them into disappearing 9 patches. She added some sashing and borders and viola!
a quilt top! Not bad huh! : )

I have quilted it for her and nearly finished the binding.
Jakey got his uniform for the Army Cadets.
He looks so grown up! Wow!

I think he has decided that the haircut was worth it!

I have also nearly finished the binding on my 1974 monster of a quilt & half quilted Mums neptune quilt.
Mum and I made a special trip to Ballarat today to check out this shop.( more about that later).
We have had another Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild meeting.
I have joined the parents committee for the Cadets.. AND...
I have been painting.
So, I have been semi busy, and I promise that I will be back soon with more posts!
Hope everyone out there is happy, healthy and sewing lots!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Back in March, I made a post about my Mum coming over each Tuesday. We try to spend the day sewing, If nothing else comes up. You know those things in life that try distract us from our sewing!?!

We have finished the tops!
This is Mums first quilt that she has made. She has done such a great job!
Not bad, Making your first quilt out of Tula's fabric huh!?!

We both made the same quilt using the same pattern and same fabric side by side sitting at the table.
It was a heap of fun.

They still have to be quilted but I had to show them off.

I had my first committee meeting for the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild last night.
Heaps of fun. Its very exciting to be there in the early stages of something that's going to be so fantastic!
By the way, You are reading the Blog of the Events Manager. Yay! : )
If you know anyone that would love to come and chat to our ladies or if you are one of our group and want to see/ meet anyone let me know.
All help appreciated!!! : )
Hope everyone out there is happy and healthy and getting some sewing done!