Monday, September 27, 2010

At the top of the pile.

This is how I spent my day yesterday.
Gee, such a shame that I had to stay home and sew instead of going into the city : )
I finally got my Freckled Whimsy quilt along top finished!
This was a bit of a wowzer to get done! I hate trimming down half square triangles and after all the ones in the Botany quilt, I just kept putting this off.
I am glad its done now and I am looking forward to quilting it!
Fabric is Sweet by Urban Chiks. yep, I am using my beloved Urban Chiks fabrics. I haven't cracked open the 1974 jelly rolls yet. Baby steps.

I have been meaning to get photos of this beauty for ages!
Thanks to Barry being completely unpredictable earlier this month, I managed to get this top started and finished in one day!
Gotta love that!!!

This is Ellie's pattern from the Moda Bakeshop.

It is a really pretty pattern that is super simple for an awesome result! Gotta love that!!! Fabric is Fandango by Kate Spain.

I think I have to take it easy on making quilt tops at the moment, I have 7 waiting to be quilted! 7!!!
I am guessing that the next few posts will be photos of my quilting and hopefully finished quilts!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why did I have to go and say that???

Did you see that one silly sentence in my last post?
Good news? No footy next weekend! : )
Looks like I was wrong, Very very wrong!
Who would've thought that there would be a draw???
Who would've thought that they would have to play a whole grand final game again??
Why is there no overtime???
What is wrong with the AFL???
Anyway, Good news is that instead of heading into the city today to celebrate with the Magpies, I get to sit and sew!
I'll be back later with some photos.
Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Grand Day Out

Yesterday Paul, Nick and I went and saw the bright lights of the city.
well, it was during the day so there were no lights but you get what I mean.
While we were there I convinced Paul we should go to an art exhibition at Federation square.
Not just any art exhibition, It was an exhibition of pure awesomeness!!!
Have any of you guys been?

I would love to show you a gazillion photos of it but sorry, no cameras allowed so you only get these teasers.
Why were we in the big smoke you ask?
Well, apparently this weekend there is a bit of a footy game happening and Paul's favourite team are playing.

Yes folks, Paul barracks for Collingwood, worse yet, he has already brainwashed Nick!!!
Anyway, being the lovely girlfriend that I am. We got up and trekked into the city to watch the boys train, along with HEAPS of other people!

Then we had the joy of standing in these crowds while we waited for the grand final parade to happen.

We got to see the fellas being driven past in their utes so they could wave and get yelled at.

This is what the big fuss is all about.
Good news? No footy next weekend! : )

It was a grand day out for sure but the highlight was definitely the Tim Burton Exhibition!
We are off to a grand final day BBQ today. Our friends put one on every year. Should be fun! Don't tell Paul I told you but he is even wearing his Collingwood undies! Don't worry, there are no photos of that! ; )
I hope he gets to see them win!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jakes Bento Box

How bout that?
2 posts in 2 days!
This is all about Jakeys quilt!

Do you know how hard it is to find black and white fabrics without flowers on them?
OK, well it was harder back when I was buying for this quilt. Now, there are heaps!
always happens that way huh!?!

I think this one got the big nod of approval from the owner as I had to keep stealing it back from him while he was at school so I could finish hand sewing down the binding!

I love that when you look at this pattern, It looks wrong. Your eyes can't stop moving! I thought it was a perfect quilt that he wouldn't grow out of.

It was quilted by the super talented Ladybug Quilting. Thanks Linda!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I've been slack huh!?!
Well, as far as the blog is concerned, I have been.
It's the wedding plans! There are so many things to do and organise!
There is only 10 weeks to start fights with people so we can keep the guest list small enough that we don't have to sell any of our organs to pay for it!
I have been sewing a wee bit.
I have a few quilts to show but only one at a time.
(This is me trying to make sure I blog more regularly.)
First up we have my Botany Half square triangle quilt.
I really should start to think of names for these instead of the fabric line..

I tried a few different poses for this lovely little thing.
Her she is on my painting stand.

Here is the good ole chair in front of the lemon tree.

And here she is on the clothesline. I can't quite manage to get that "blue steel" look from my quilts yet.One day...
Each finished block is 16", so she is a great size!
Fabric is the lovely Botany by Lauren and Jessi Jung.
I am really happy with this one, except... Not sure about all that white. I don't know where she will eventually live but she sure is pretty to look at huh?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh Barry!

On Friday the weather gods were being awfully generous around here!
I don't know which gods they are, but I'm gonna name him Barry.
The sun was shining, All day!!!
So, Did I grab my freshly finished quilts and run outside to take pretty photos of them strategically positioned on an old chair in front of the lemon tree, Looking like that's the way I left them?
No, I did gardening! I know!!!!
I am not a fan of gardening!!! I think its because I am an inside person so I am not out there enjoying my garden enough.
Anyway, Yesterday, Barry wasn't so kind. It rained, Alot, all day!!!
No photos still!!!
It was a great day to stay inside and sew!

Nick decided to help me

Isn't he kind?

What am I sewing you ask?
Well, A friend that I have met through the Blogiverse, Ellie, has a quilt thats gonna be on the Moda Bakeshop. How awesome is that!
It is a perfect Beginners quilt with minimal cutting and very few seams to match up but it looks awesome!
It also helps that she has made it out of Botany!!!
If you wanna check it out early there is a Tutorial on her Blog.
I hope everyone out there is safe and that the people in the parts of Victoria that are flooded from Yesterday, are all OK.