Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend Away!

I am off for the weekend! YYYAAAYYY!!!
I am heading to the beautiful Alexandra area for a weekend of sewing, eating and laughing, with a handful of great friends.
No kids, no stress!
One has become a piker and is staying home but we will (eventually) forgive her. Her excuse is pretty good as it required surgery and stitches.
I have decided that my biggest dilemma of the weekend will be how to eat that much junk food without getting my sewing dirty. Any tips? :)

I can't decide what to sew???
so.... I am taking heaps! I have hand sewing for the evenings (I can't just sit and veg)
I have 2 WIPs and 1 newbie with pattern all ready to go. Each of those tins has its own WIP.
I have so many bags of stuff to pack, I am soooo glad Rachal has a wagon!

I hope you all have a great weekend!
Big hugs!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pot Holders

I signed up again this round for the Pot Holder Pass that was on Flikr and organised by Amy.
The theme was Monotone.
I signed up thinking, that should be great, I have heaps of colours in my stash. Easy peasy!
well, my partner chose Orange. I didn't have any orange! Eeek!
I checked out my local and also spotlight but their ranges of orange was very disappointing.
Lucky I have some awesome friends that came to the rescue! phew!
I love string blocks and noticed that my partners inspiration pics had similar designs so the fun began.
I made random width strips and went for scrappy, wonky, string blocks playing with the colour values.
Hope my partner likes them.
I had a lot of fun making them!
Thanks Amy for another great round.

These are the beauties that I recieved from my Partner. Beachgirl Sews
Sorry about the dodgy photo but it was a really awesome parcel! Yay!
The next round is having sign ups now. This round is for either pot holders and or re-usable shopping bags.
It is such a great group of ladies that you can't go wrong joining in!
Good luck!