Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Drumroll please...

I know its a day late, but better late than never huh?
Are you ready?
I used
And the winner is....
Adele, Comment number 12
I can't wait to see it all made up!!!
On another note,
Have you guys been over and visited Amy at During quiet time?
She makes the cutest stuff, She hand prints her own little designs and makes some awesome stuff out of it all on her Etsy site.

I bought this gorgeous pincushion from her. I LOVE it!!!
You should pop over and grab one of these for yourself before they are all gone!!!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Don't Look Now... Its a giveaway!

I can do raw edge applique! Kinda...
Remember a couple of weeks ago, I won a class with Kellie Wulfsohn.
On the first day with attached all of the pieces using Kellies method of raw edge appllique.The second day was spent learning how to do all the fine little quilting bits.

So I came home and did some homework between the two classes.This little pretty will be a cushion.

I got to see some awesome quilts in the flesh! This chick is amazing!!!
She is an awesome! The whole two days when we didn't have our tongues sticking out with concentration, we were laughing ourselves silly!

Little pic of what everyone did.

Before you go and say, "I could never do that" well, EVERYONE in the class managed to pick it up by the end!

SO, To pass on my good luck, I am giving away a copy of Kellie's Wish you were here pattern.

I even got her to sign it for you!

All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog between now and 9am Monday morning (Melb time)
Any old comment will do (as long as its nice)
Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Handover Day.

Last Friday was handover day for Clair.
I will be honest, I was scared for the safety of my Penguin but he did survive.
Clair's part of the swap was her talent at her quilting machine.
She very kindly quilted this quilt for my Mum.
I forgot to take photos before it left to live at Mums house so I have stolen this photo from Clair's blog.
It looks awesome huh! Such a great job!

This is what she got in return. It is her sewing machine case that is now in camouflage. Her sewing room is so filled with fabric that this will just blend right in! : )

Rachal came over too and we had planned a day of sewing. Clair and Rachal both had their sewing supplies on the ready but somehow between our show and tell and our gossiping, Oops, I mean highly informative conversations, there just wasn't enough time in the 5 or so hours they were here!

Above is Rachal holding up part of her Flea Market Fancy quilt that she is making.
How gorgeous is it!!!
Below is Clair laying them out on the chair to give us a better look at how they'll go together.Just gotta work out how to get her to hand this one over...
I had such a great day, Hopefully it will become a semi regular occurrence. As long as my Penguin stays safe : )

On a separate note,
Karrielyne and Heather are both having giveaways for a GO! Cutter.
I know awesome huh!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sneak Peek for Clair...

Clair and I have are in the process of doing a swap together. Tomorrow is handover day and she was so kind to give me a sneak peek on her blog of what I was receiving so its only fair that I share some pics here for her to check out before the big day!

Pesky penguin!

Pesky penguin totem pole!

Ok, Finally got rid of the penguin, Sorry Clair. Here you go, A penguin less photo!

I hope you like your sewing machine case. :)
See you tomorrow!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bark, Bloom, Ripple, Pollen and Grass...

I love Botany.
There is something about this collection...



Ripple... (My Fav)



This is my latest W.I.P. and I am loving every minute of it!!!
What's some of your fav collections?
My wish list is HUGE at the moment, Can't hurt to add some more to it!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The countdown is on!!!

15 Weeks!!!!
It is only 15 weeks to my wedding!!!
I hope you guys don't mind but I'm bringing you along for the ride.
I have a really bad habit of leaving things to the last minute. I must not do that this time!
All of my friends have been telling me off already that enough hasn't been organised.
In my defense, some things are kinda had thought put into them : )
OK, because I don't have any photos for this post,I am gonna start off the wedding posts with a quiz question.

Kelli's Wedding Quiz#1

One of the below statements is 100% true and the other two are fake but I'm not fessing up to which one until closer to the big day!

#1, My dress is short. Very short. You could probably use the words "mini dress" to describe it.

#2 Our Celebrant will be dressed as Elvis. Big white jumpsuit, Big hair and glasses.

#3 Paul's Best Man is actually a chick. Old friend that has to have the special place.

So, how about you guys? Is there any tips? Is there anything you wish didn't happen at your wedding? Anything you wish DID happen? : )