Friday, January 28, 2011

Itty Bitty Butt fun

Yesterday I had to paint an order for some Baby Wipes Cases, Which made me realise I had never shown any of them on here.
I have been selling these bad boys on Ebay for the last couple of years and they are a heap of fun!
The paint lasts on them really well. I used one for Nick for a year and a half and it only had minimal wear ont he corners but considering that my nappy bag seemed to hold more stuff than Mary Poppins bag, it was pretty good!
I started these during a stage when Nick was pretty young and I was kinda going stir crazy, so they really helped!

Its a bit of fun :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hot Rodded sewing machine case

I love summer. I know I am definitely not alone there!
For us, Summer revolves around car shows and swap meets.
I know it sounds odd and boring but it is more the culture that goes with it that I adore!
I love all of the retro clothing and dresses. The shoes and hair do's.
Cruising around in an old car with all of the windows down, Your hair blowing around everywhere and you are so sweaty that you are sticking to the vinyl seats. Sounds like heaven to me!
I kinda got fed up with it all for a little while but something has clicked inside this year. I want those times again.
I am planning to sew some new dresses this year. I have about 3 that I adore and wear to pieces but I need more... and shoes to match.... don't get me started on handbags!!!
So if anyone out there has any tips on sewing clothing, I am all ears!
Anyway, the point of this post was to show you Mona's new case. well, old case with new makeover. In the car show spirit...
It was plain pink for a few months. I had big plans that never happened...

a bit of freehand white over the top...

add some yellow...

Now the red and black....

Blue outline and black touch-up...

Tah- Dah!!!
Now Mona's case is a misunderstood rebel without a cause ;)
*this was all done freehand yesterday afternoon and is not the way I would do a typical flame job on a car. it was just a bit of fun*kellster

Happy Australia Day!

I just wanna share some Aussie love and hope everyone out there adds a little bit of 'Aussieness' to their day!
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!!!
Happy Australia Day everyone!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Year of the painter.

Did you guys know that its the year of the Painter this year?
Whats that you say? rabbit? Huh?
Nah, I'm talking about inside my own little bubble.
This is the year that I concentrate on my painting more.
I don't often talk about my painting and work on here because, Honestly, Since Nick was born, I haven't been doing enough of it.
I figure, Kids are only little once and I didnt want to miss a thing.
Well, the ratbag is off to Kinder this year. Did you guys just hear the angels sing hallelujah too?
2 whole days a week to paint! Yay!!!

To celebrate, I finally painted my Hubbys bonnet of his big red car.
I don't know about you guys but when it comes to making things for family they seem to get left til last. alot last.
My spunky fella has been (patiently) waiting for this for nearly a year now! Oops!
Lucky he loves me :)
His t-shirt quilt car cover is still in the works too. As in, still planning in my mind stage.
Anyway, his bonnet is finished and I am wifey of the year.
Just to make things difficult he wanted the picture under the bonnet, not the smooth and easy top. No no, the rippled and bumpy side.
So its not perfect but considering it is going to be viewed by people bending down and looking at it from funny angles while the bonnet is up, It will do nicely!

I also bought a car last week!
Awesome huh? This is my second ever car. My first is my 47 year old holden that I LOVE to pieces but he is getting pretty tired.
My parents had a little black Peugeot. My Dad refered to it as his European Thoroughbred but they didn't drive it very much. So when we needed to borrow it around christmas time to bus our tribe around, Dad decided that it could stay and play at our house so with a very reasonable deal made, I now own a European thoroghbred!
Cool huh? It is so zippy and easy to park! SO much easier at the supermarket now!
I also see a blank canvas.... What do you reckon? a nice set of flames for her?
stay tuned, I will be posting photos!

Liebster Award

Kristie over at OCD tagged me with a Liebster Award.
This is my first Blog award, Umm, Where do I start?
Well, I would like to thank my family and friends and of course my followers and the people who read my c**p whenever I post!
Just kidding!

This is a cute little award for blogs with less than 300 followers. The sweet thing about this award is that you get to pass it on to 3 other blogs you like that have, you guessed it, Less than 300 followers.
It was really hard for me choose! Most of my favourite blogs are of the smaller variety.
First up is....
Linda at Ladybug quilting.
She is my new Sister and her stuff is awesome! One look around her blog and you'll be hooked!

RachaelDaisy over at Blue Mountain Daisy

and Last but definitely not least is....
Kirsten at Maniacal Material Girls

I had so much trouble choosing!!! I could've kept going with #4 #5 #6 #7 etc...
I hope you get a chance to pop over and say g'day to them!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

QLD floods

I am sure that by now you would have seen all the blogs popping up mentioning the flooding in Queensland.
It is just devastating to think about all of the poor families that have been ripped apart because of this, There have been 12 confirmed deaths and approx 70 people still missing.
So many families have lost their homes and their belongings.

This is a huge blow. These are major cities completely evacuated, Businesses are ruined.
Everyday life for these people is going to take years to get back to normal.

How can we help?
well Toni from Make it Perfect is running a fundraiser where blogs are having auctions and raffles to raise money for the Flood Appeal.
She will be having a big list of blogs that are supporting this.
One of these blogs is my lovely new Sister, Linda.
She is offering a Sherbet Pips layer cake as a giveaway. How do you enter? It will cost a $5 donation. That's right folks, You could get a layer cake for $5 AND help those in need.
Win Win!!!
She has all of the details of how to donate on her blog.
International friends can enter and donate too.

Please also check back with Toni and help where you can.

If you get the chance, Please blog about the auctions and help spread the word!

Thank you in advance.



Monday, January 10, 2011

Lamest excuse ever.....

I will admit it, I have been a terrible blogger!
I think the term is super slack!!!
I am going to blame my Iphone. Huh? wait, I'll explain...
See, I check all of my emails on my phone now and I also read all of my favourite blogs on there too. The problem is that it is such a pain to leave comments and stuff using the phone that I think, I'll get on the computer and comment on that. You know what I mean?
But then.... I never need to get on the real computer anymore because I have already checked my emails and blogs etc...
So, No blogging and no leaving comments for friends on their blogs.
I have been sewing.
I finished the Freckled Whimsy quilt along.
I quilted a tight stipple in the white sections and left the coloured pieces alone. I love how it turned out! It was more a test for me to see how much control I had while I quilted the centre of the quilt.
I am pretty excited about trying new quilt techniques now! Any ideas???

I also started and finished a quilt top out of one of my Botany Jelly rolls. This was a kit I bought.
It was supposed to need 2 Jelly Rolls cause those corners were supposed to be mitred but I went with the easy answer and did them this way and cut a few strips from the yardages I had and only needed 1 Jelly roll.
I love this top and I cant wait to quilt it. Such a good size, I think it is about 73 inches square.

This next quilt was copied (eeekk!) straight from one I saw on Flikr. I don't usually do this but I just loved it and I had the fabric. I Love it just as much now that I have sewn it too!!!
I figure that as long as I credit where the idea came from its more like sharing than stealing yeah?
Have any of you made a quilt just like one you've seen? No imagination necessary? I'm not the only one am I???
I think that is all I have photos of at the moment. You are just gonna have to believe me when I say that I wont be gone so long this time!