Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Out on the town

Last Friday, I had my first night out since the start of the year.
I took along my camera, I was thinking that there might be something to blog about.
This is me (centre) with Caroline, one of my bridesmaids (left) and Lisa, Paul's cousin (right).

Well, as you can see, a slightly drunk chick and a camera equals lots of happy snaps of me and not alot else!

When I got home and looked at what I snapped, there was heaps of photos of me with nearly every one in the place!

I think it was obvious that I don't get out much...

The Guy above was the reason we were all out in the first place, He was there to sing and pose for photos it seems :)

This last one is just for Caroline, I think JD was secretly loving it! : )
Well, I had a fun night anyway!
I didn't handle the tired hangover the next day but...
Hope everyone out there has a great weekend this week.

Potholder Pass

See that over there?
Yep in the side coloumn?
Its a new button.
I guess that means that I need to let go of my arm that is twisted behind my back and start thinking of a design or 2.
I saw Mary's pot holders on flikr a few weeks ago and I just love them!
So when she mentioned on her blog that round 3 was starting I went hmmm, but then when she replied to my comment and asked if I was going to do it cause its fun, How could I say no?
My first swap. Yay :)
Now I think I am off to make block 3 in the moose on the porch quiltalong. I hope the designs get better soon!
Wish me luck

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Name is Kelli...

My name is Kelli and it has been a few hours since my last eBay purchase...

I think I have a problem.

I was doing great and only selling on EBay, But then...

I have been wanting one of these Bebarfald Bluebird sewing machines for sooooo long!
They have always been in different states or way too expensive!
This one was just a few towns away. They were a bit vague on their description and photos so its not as good as I hoped it was going to be but you know what?
I like it... Alot!
It still needs a clean up, this is how it was when I got it.
I have no idea about how old it is. I can't find any serial numbers on it?
If anyone knows any info, please share.
Now just to keep an eye open for a new (old) door knob.
Hopefully I can keep away from temptation and not buy anything else.
They do sell instruction manuals for these machines on eBay....

Friday, March 26, 2010

More Neptune!

My Mum comes over each Tuesday to spend the day with me, It isn't just a coincidence that Tuesday is my favorite day of the week ; )
Well, anyway... We have been spending our Tuesdays sewing. (I think she may be hooked too!)
We have finished off HEAPS of my W.I.P's so I thought it was time to start some new ones.

I have been holding onto these Jelly Rolls for ages. Yes, More Neptune!
I have been wanting to make a quilt out of the Jelly Roll book for ages too, so, My Mum and I are each making one.
I am really looking forward to it and hopefully she is too!
I will keep you updated on how it goes.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Thursdays...

I saw on someones blog once, they did a Happy Monday post to start each week on a happy note. Well, I like Mondays, so, I am just gonna have random happy days I guess.
So today is Thursday, and the things that have made me happy today are...
The lovely and kind thoughts of Family and Friends!

After spending a Saturday together a couple of weeks ago and Checking out warbirds together, My Brother has decided to give me his model airplane.
It is a Boomerang, I think I have already mentioned that I love the Boomerang airplanes!
My plan is to finish it along with a Mustang model that my Dad bought me and have them hanging In Nicks bedroom. They are going to look awesome!!!
Big thankyou to my Big Brother!!!

My Sister in Law, Linda ( I may have mentioned her before ) ;) Well, she has a great friend that also quilts. I have had to pleasure to meet Bev a couple of times now and I got to see some of her quilts too, Very nice!
Apparently her heart is as big as her smile because look what she sent me in the mail out of the blue

3 patterns! 2 of which she designed herself. How clever is she!?!
I can't wait to get started on these, I have some Amy Butler fabric in my stash that put its hand up for the Ginger Blossom pattern.
looks like I'm just going to have to go shopping for the others, My excuse is that I am obeying the instructions on the envelope :)
Big Thankyou to you too, Bev!
These have made me smile all week.
I hope you have had reasons to smile too!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Neptune double hourglass quilt

All I have managed this week really is to quilt this quilt.
I went with a very similar border design as Nicks quilt, but because I used all of the honey bun strips in the hourglass blocks I had to use yardage for the floating border.
I backed it in the same fabric.
I am slowly getting better with my free motion quilting. It is so much fun!
Now I've just gotta wait for someone to get pregnant so I can pass it on.
I have also started quilting Nicks Dinosaur Uproar quilt but it is just in the ditch quilted and then straight line quilted along the sashing. Yes, I know, Not very adventurous but I think it will look OK.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jelly Roll Sampler Block 2

This is the week for the second block for the Jelly Roll Sampler Quiltalong.
I don't really like the design much, although there is one or two on flikr that don't look too bad.

I was looking at the design and thought I would play around with the colour placement and this is what I came up with.
Yes, the only things different in this second block are the colours and where there would be 2 small squares next to each other I used a rectangle instead.

I like this second block HEAPS better but I will wait til the end and see which one suits the quilt better.
I am saving all my nice fabrics from the jelly roll for later in the quilt so hopefully they will look better when I start using them : )
I have also been quilting a quilt and all it needs now is the binding so hopefully I will have a photo of that to show after the weekend!
Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!

Friday, March 19, 2010

A parcel of Awesomeness!

Remember a few posts ago that I told you that I was completely spoilt by my parents?
Well... Its still true!
Look what my Dad got for me!
20 metres of awesomeness!
I couldn't wait to rip open that packaging and get cutting!
I have quilted one quilt with HEAPS to go but it is so much more fun when you have got everything you need!
Thank you Mum and Dad for such a great present!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A quick little skirt

I slacked off for a bit yesterday and made this for my Niece. I used Vanessa's tutorial. I have made a few of these now for friends daughters and they always look so great!
I love that it still looks like a bandana. These are so quick and easy!
Give them a go, You'll be hooked!
I get my Bandanas from the local market pretty cheap.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A wee bit of sewing

I had words with my Verna quilt pieces the other day and we both agreed that I should hurry up and get it pieced together!
Can quilts have ADHD? This quilt has so much going on and it is so small and busy busy busy!
If this quilt top had babies with Jakey's Bento box quilt those baby quilts would be insane! Anyway, enough insane talk...... For now.....
This was made with a honey bun. I converted a pattern from the Jelly roll, layer cake and charm squares book to fit a honey bun size.
Wasn't one of my smartest moments in life.... This next quilt is the left overs from Nicks Neptune quilt. This was made from 20 honey bun strips. I'm pretty happy with it but I think I like Nicks colours better.

I still have to add borders to each of these and I'm not sure how I'm going to do that. Any suggestions?

Well, That was today's progress report.
Hope you all had a great day too!
***Just wanna add, These are not going to stay on Nicks bed, Just put there for photos and checking the size***

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Scrappy 9 patch

I participated in Crazy Mom Quilts scrappy nine patch quilt along last year. I also managed to talk many people into doing it too! Nearly everyone in my class joined in and also Linda!
Well, The goal was, A 9 patch a day for 70 days. In my case it was 7 nine patches one week and about 30 the month later!
Anyway, I completed the top with some help from my Mum and together we basted it and then I quilted it. Well, the quilting isn't the best but it is now finished completely!
I have given it to a friend that works in a nursing home and asked her to pass it along to someone who might need a present.
I hope whoever ends up with it will like it.
I guess its time to start thinking about this years scrappy quilt design huh?
I think everyone should pop over to Lindas blog and ask her for photos of her scrappy 9 patch quilt!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

One finished.... Many more to go!

I did it!
I finished A ring! I can't believe how much work goes into one ring! The drawing up of the seam allowances takes the longest but I think its gonna look pretty nice when its all done!
Sorry about the blurry photo, I don't think my camera likes the close ups.
Hope everyone is having a great long weekend!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Birthday

Yesterday we had a birthday to celebrate.
Our littlest boy turned 3!
Wow, it has gone so quick!
He had a fantastic day filled with lots of presents, lollies and ice cream cake!
He has learnt to rip wrapping paper of so quickly!
This is just as he was about to blow out the candles. Yesterday was also the first day of Moose on the porch's quilt along.
I'm not too sure...
But anyway, Here is the before...

and this is the after...

I don't know if I'm gonna like it when its finished but what the hey... At least Linda can't tell me off now! : )

Monday, March 1, 2010

Checking out Warbirds.

Yesterday we loaded the tribe into Kermie and drove over to Point Cook RAAF base. They had their Open day/ Flying display on.
This is such a fantastic family day out. Free entry and heaps and heaps of things to do and look at! Many of the planes came from all over Australia.The plane above is a Boomerang and is my favorite type of plane. I love them!
The Roulette's came from Sale but we missed much of their display as we had to leave : (

My brother and his Family met us there too so that made it really ace!
Cant wait for the next one!