Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend Away!

I am off for the weekend! YYYAAAYYY!!!
I am heading to the beautiful Alexandra area for a weekend of sewing, eating and laughing, with a handful of great friends.
No kids, no stress!
One has become a piker and is staying home but we will (eventually) forgive her. Her excuse is pretty good as it required surgery and stitches.
I have decided that my biggest dilemma of the weekend will be how to eat that much junk food without getting my sewing dirty. Any tips? :)

I can't decide what to sew???
so.... I am taking heaps! I have hand sewing for the evenings (I can't just sit and veg)
I have 2 WIPs and 1 newbie with pattern all ready to go. Each of those tins has its own WIP.
I have so many bags of stuff to pack, I am soooo glad Rachal has a wagon!

I hope you all have a great weekend!
Big hugs!


Kristie said...

Ohhhhh, looks brilliant! I think if you avoid the orange Dorito-type stuff, your sewing should be okay...perfect weekend if this is the one big "stress" point!! Have fun!!!

Kristie said...

p.s. is one of those lovely tins for MY gift???

Seams Sew Together said...

Have a great weekend, I always love girls weekends away. Wish I was there!!.


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Lucky lucky You! stay away from teh doritos and chocolate and you should be fine with the junk food - not that I eat junk food while i am Never!....Um....
Have fun!

Andi said...

I am beyond jealous!!!
Have a great time.
Andi xx

PS Who's injured?

Clair said...

I am still mad as hell that I couldn't go! Did you not hear me gnashing my teeth with rage?