Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sponsored Shopping Trips

You are all going to wish that you had my Dad as your own after you read this post!
It is no secret to my friends that my parents spoil me rotten.
well, my Dad actually takes notice when my Mum and I talk to him about sewing/quilting/patchwork.
He also takes notice when i plan a shopping trip with friends or if a sale is coming up.
So, He sponsors my sewing needs!
Without any asking from me, he gives me money that has direct orders to buy fabric!!!
I know, Awesome, Right?!!!
Well, over the last couple of months, here are my recent hauls from these sponsored shopping trips.

Started off with a trip to GJ's. My first trip to GJ's.
I must admit, I have a crush on that store!!!
I HAD to get some Parisville.

Then, On to Primitive Patches that same day.
LOVE Summer in the City!!!

And a bit of Cosmo Cricket just cause.
Fast forward just a couple of weeks, While my Dad was enjoying the company of my two ferals, Oops, I mean lovely Sons, I popped into Darn Cheap Fabrics.
This was also my first time there.( I don't get out much hey?)
Wowzers! Surprise surprise, They were Darn Cheap!

Nearly 6 metres of Fabric for $30. In Australian prices, that is UNHEARD of!
Major score there was 2.65 metres of Cosmo Cricket Cogsmo for $7.00 (That's pretty much 3 yards people!)
Then, My Local, Patchwork Passion was having a secret sale for their club members.
40% off all fabric! 25% off all notions. How is that for awesome!?!

I got the backing for my single girl quilt. Yay! Along with some other prints for a baby quilt I am starting real soon!

Yesterday was back to Primitive Patches for their annual sale.
25% off all fabric with a $5 per metre table.
It didn't help that I had planned to meet Rachal there. She IS a bad influence people!!! Be warned! ;)
I scored some backings, flights of fancy and Freshcut, Some Pop Parade, More Summer in the City and some more Cosmo Cricket but...

My Major score was this 1.4 metres of Summer in the City birds at 25% off!!!
Can you believe there is more!?!

My Mum bought me these dots which go perfectly with the purple in Tufted Tweets, so that quilt now has a back!
That's a heap of new fabric! I am still kinda in shock at it all!
This doesn't include the rolls of wadding and bolts of white that Dad buys for my Mum and me!
Can everyone say it with me.... SPOILT!
Sorry, the role of being his (only) Daughter is filled! :)
Love you Dad!


Amy said...

Are you sure he doesn't want just one more daughter? Wow! You are a lucky girl! That baby quilt isn't for you is it??

Adele said...

Very happy for you precious girl! What a guy. I am impressed that a) he sponsors fabric shopping and b) he listens when you and Ma talk about quilting...... xxx
PS: GJs..... without me? far out brussell sprout!

Kristie said...

Excuse me a minute while I wipe the drool off my chin...

Nothing like a Daddy :-)

Andi said...

Adopt me Kelli's Dad!!!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Hmm I left a comment and it disappeared... Lucky You for being so spoilt ( but not a brat). So many fun fabrics, and super bargains. Actually I'm not sure this post is real, it's more like a wonderful dream...

Hollie said...

Awesome steals! You are a lucky, lucky girl! Does your dad need another daughter?

Mrs A said...

just popped over from Amy's and i love your quilts, i have made some in the ranges she featured too! Im also an aussie chick from qld.
You are a lucky girl, bless your Dad!

diane said...

How can I spell my feelings...J-E-A-L-O-U-S! You have a very nice dad.

Danny Riddell said...

Now that's really lucky. Wish I had someone sponsoring my shopping trips. But it's good to see that your Dad loves you so much that he's spoiling you.