Thursday, September 15, 2011

New family member

Our family is kinda large. Almost but not quite Brady Bunch status. Anyway, when the opportunity arose to add another member to our family, how could I say no?

Everyone, meet Mable. Mable meet everyone.
I am so excited!
She is going to be perfect with helping out with all of my dodgy dress sewing adventures!
Oh the fun we will have!
I don't have to clean up after her or cook for her. ( although, a couple of people have mentioned that she needs to put on a bit of weight first!)
Apparently, you have to adjust her to fit your measurements. Your measurements don't instantly adjust to fit her! Spewin!!
Anyway, I think she will be a bit of a super hero to me!



Kristie said...

LOL! Yes, it would be nice if we could change OUR measurements instead, eh? I am sure you and Mable will have a ball together ;)