Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dreaming on.

I need help.
I LOVE the Urban Chiks. You know, The fabric designers?
Some have used the word fanatic to describe my love for them...
I hoard their fabric. I buy so much but then, I decide that no pattern is ever good enough. What if, I use one of my Jelly Rolls but then it looks horrible in that pattern? Doesn't matter that I've seen someone on Flikr make it in the same fabric, What if mine isn't as nice?
What then?????
OK, So. That is one of my inner dilemmas.
Next dilemma is...
I don't think I like their latest range. *gasp*
I mean, Its OK. I know why they have designed this. The vintage sheet phenomenon is HUGE at the moment. I am not much of a fan.

What do I do????
DO I buy some and hope it grows on me?
What if I don't buy any but then fall in love down the track when I can't buy it any more????
Do I get some and make a quilt only to have to turn around and have "the talk" with it? You know the one.... "Its not you, its me. No, you're a lovely quilt. I'm just not ready for another quilt on my bed just yet."
Someone please help!!!
I understand that by sounds of this post, choosing fabrics is the least of my problems.... But, Should I buy some of this range???
Should I buy it to support my Fav designers and then gift the quilt to a friend?
Should I watch from afar as it sells out?
Should I get some just to keep the rest of my Urban Chiks fabric company? They can all be friends.



Amy said...

Buy some and send it to me :) You really don't like it? I think it is my favorite so far.

Mary said...

Ha ha ha, you crack me up! I say don't buy it. There are SO many gorgeous fabric lines out there - spend your money on something you LOVE! :-)

mathea said...

Sister, I feel your pain! I have been there too ;-) This sounds just like me and my relationship with Amy Butler's fabric designs. She had one line out a while back that I didn't take to at all, and I didn't buy any. When her next line was out (and I was back in love!), I discovered that some of the designs from the previous one would go well with that, and I was still able to get hold of some, so I was saved...
Seriously, I wouldn't bother buying fabric I was not in love with - there are so many beautiful lines out there that I just can't stay faithful - I want it all!
As for using it, though, I have become braver. Better to use it and get to see it rather than hiding it away! Any mistakes and projects that don't really work are just excuses to go out and buy more fabric, I tell myself ;-)

Adele said...

Oh Kel.... this is a dilemma I can relate to. I say, 'if in doubt, don't!'. My weakness is Amy Butler. I love her fabric, I love her sheets, I love her rugs, I love her bags, I love her stationery.... (get the drift?) I did not, however, love her 'August Fields' or 'Daisy Chains' fabric ranges and I was devastated.... had she lost her touch, was it me, should I buy it and force myself to love it to be loyal supporter? I finally saw sense. Only buy things you truly love and adore, life it too short to have shitty fabric!

Clair said...

Oh dear, it's very different to their last few ranges isn't it! Perhaps you need to have a break from them.....consider it a fact, grab yourself a couple of large (highly alcoholic) cocktails, get yourself a foot massage, buy an overly bright have another look at that range. What do you think? Looks better, doesn't it!
You just need a different perspective sometimes.

Aunt Spicy said...

As a fellow Urban-Chiks-fabric-horder I totally know what you mean! I just bought some Dream On ( and ADORE it...but I also LOVE vintage sheets. And this line is very VINTAGE! Maybe buy a charm pack and see how you feel!

Kristie said...

My first instinct is always to BUY...but I agree, if it doesn't work for you, hold off. Maybe their next set will knock your socks off! In the meantime, cut it up, girl! Use some of your faves you are hoarding and make a nice lap quilt for yourself to curl up with. Use lots of sashing in whites or solids to stretch it out if you would like!

BTW, are you off to Eclipse? I have tix for the opening excited!