Thursday, August 12, 2010

The countdown is on!!!

15 Weeks!!!!
It is only 15 weeks to my wedding!!!
I hope you guys don't mind but I'm bringing you along for the ride.
I have a really bad habit of leaving things to the last minute. I must not do that this time!
All of my friends have been telling me off already that enough hasn't been organised.
In my defense, some things are kinda had thought put into them : )
OK, because I don't have any photos for this post,I am gonna start off the wedding posts with a quiz question.

Kelli's Wedding Quiz#1

One of the below statements is 100% true and the other two are fake but I'm not fessing up to which one until closer to the big day!

#1, My dress is short. Very short. You could probably use the words "mini dress" to describe it.

#2 Our Celebrant will be dressed as Elvis. Big white jumpsuit, Big hair and glasses.

#3 Paul's Best Man is actually a chick. Old friend that has to have the special place.

So, how about you guys? Is there any tips? Is there anything you wish didn't happen at your wedding? Anything you wish DID happen? : )



traceyjay said...

#3 is true.

Be nice and enjoy it. I adored all of my wedding, and was not a bridezilla at all.

Let go of control and celebrate being in love and together. :)

Hollie said...

Good luck with your wedding! I'm in the planning stages of my own wedding. I agree, I think #3 is true... unless you're getting married in Las Vegas? Can't wait to hear more about your wedding plans.

Suzanne said...

I think #3 is true too!

All I can say is enjoy the day, every now and again really look around and absorb what is happening because after the day is will seem like a big happy blur.

Clair said...

You're cheating! You left out #4 Getting hitched at a nudist beach.
Yep....I reckon it's #4
And if it's not, then it should be....imagine the photo's!

Shelley said...

Hi Kellie,
I have to agree with Suzanne, stop and look around you every now and again and really take it in. I woke up the day after my wedding and asked my husband "did that really happen"? The day goes by so fast it feels like a dream.
Shelley(monday patchwork)
I will be back once l have learnt how to hand quilt!!

Kristen said...

Breathe. I teared up going down the aisle because I was so happy all the planning had stopped.

I was very glad my photographer was great! It went so fast!

I bet it is 3! 2 would be too cool too!

Adele said...

Well, I think it's #2....
My advise would be to have a decent photographer (not necessarily pricey), but one who won't start drinking mid morning... our photographer was fantastic, however, he got more and more drunk as the day wore on. Consequently our photos are pretty crap. (I can laugh about it now) :) Enjoy the planning, it's all part of the wonderful adventure. xx

Seams Sew Together said...

My second wedding was a blast, it was very casual and informal and all 5 kids were involved..(we got married in our front garden).
It was a lot more relaxed and we really enjoyed the day. I reckon its #2,whatever happens I hope you have a fantastic day. I look forward to hearing about the details as the day gets closer.