Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Handover Day.

Last Friday was handover day for Clair.
I will be honest, I was scared for the safety of my Penguin but he did survive.
Clair's part of the swap was her talent at her quilting machine.
She very kindly quilted this quilt for my Mum.
I forgot to take photos before it left to live at Mums house so I have stolen this photo from Clair's blog.
It looks awesome huh! Such a great job!

This is what she got in return. It is her sewing machine case that is now in camouflage. Her sewing room is so filled with fabric that this will just blend right in! : )

Rachal came over too and we had planned a day of sewing. Clair and Rachal both had their sewing supplies on the ready but somehow between our show and tell and our gossiping, Oops, I mean highly informative conversations, there just wasn't enough time in the 5 or so hours they were here!

Above is Rachal holding up part of her Flea Market Fancy quilt that she is making.
How gorgeous is it!!!
Below is Clair laying them out on the chair to give us a better look at how they'll go together.Just gotta work out how to get her to hand this one over...
I had such a great day, Hopefully it will become a semi regular occurrence. As long as my Penguin stays safe : )

On a separate note,
Karrielyne and Heather are both having giveaways for a GO! Cutter.
I know awesome huh!


Mary said...

I love your Plume quilt! So nice!

But I REALLY love that Flea Market Fancy quilt. What a great design!

Seams Sew Together said...

Sounds like a great day, wish I was there. I love the sewing machine cover you are very talented ladies.


Amy said...

You did a great job on that sewing machine case! I love the Flea Market Fancy quilt. How pretty!

Clair said...

Get in line, Kelli....I'm having first dibs on that Flee Market quilt.
Even if I have to hold her down and stomp on her fingers till she "gives" it to me.