Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quilter to the stars!

I Love this big wide Blogiverse of ours!
I have made heaps of awesome friends who are so amazingly talented!
One of these friends is the Amazing Angela!
Sounds like she should be wearing a cape and mask huh? Maybe I should suggest it to her. : )

I was over at her blog before, stealing photos of the quilts she has added her magic to and I couldn't decide on which ones were best so I stole heaps!
Hope she doesn't mind!

She tells me that she lives in the Midwest and says Y'all alot, One thing that sucks about emails is that I don't get to hear it!
I kinda imagine her sounding like Ellie May Clampett.( With a mask and cape)

If any of you gus out there live around Kansas City or anywhere in the U.S. then you are crazy if you don't book this lady in now!
Geez, Book her in for quilts that you haven't even started yet! C'mon!

Everytime she posts about her latest bit of work, I find myself wondering how I am going to get over to the U.S. so I can steal it! My plans never seem to come to fruition! Maybe its the super hero in her?

But, guess what???
She is gonna do some quilting for me! On one of MY quilts!!!
I know, Lucky huh!!!

I just have to decide which one to send her.
I am torn between a block of the month that is full of applique and stitcheries or a simple layer cake quilt that shows big chunks of the fabric.
Which one do you guys think?


Suzanne said...

Oh how lucky. It is going to be awesome. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Clair said...

Wow...she does some amazing quilting....lucky you!

I'd send something where she can run riot with the quilting, save the one with embroideries for a light quilt job.

Bellgirl said...

Oooh I love that circle one! Perhaps you could post a pic of your quilts so we can choose? You could also ask the Amazing Angela what she thinks. Can't wait to see!

Aunt Spicy said...

Those quilts really are amazing! And I agree, this blog-universe is a fun place!