Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Grand Day Out

Yesterday Paul, Nick and I went and saw the bright lights of the city.
well, it was during the day so there were no lights but you get what I mean.
While we were there I convinced Paul we should go to an art exhibition at Federation square.
Not just any art exhibition, It was an exhibition of pure awesomeness!!!
Have any of you guys been?

I would love to show you a gazillion photos of it but sorry, no cameras allowed so you only get these teasers.
Why were we in the big smoke you ask?
Well, apparently this weekend there is a bit of a footy game happening and Paul's favourite team are playing.

Yes folks, Paul barracks for Collingwood, worse yet, he has already brainwashed Nick!!!
Anyway, being the lovely girlfriend that I am. We got up and trekked into the city to watch the boys train, along with HEAPS of other people!

Then we had the joy of standing in these crowds while we waited for the grand final parade to happen.

We got to see the fellas being driven past in their utes so they could wave and get yelled at.

This is what the big fuss is all about.
Good news? No footy next weekend! : )

It was a grand day out for sure but the highlight was definitely the Tim Burton Exhibition!
We are off to a grand final day BBQ today. Our friends put one on every year. Should be fun! Don't tell Paul I told you but he is even wearing his Collingwood undies! Don't worry, there are no photos of that! ; )
I hope he gets to see them win!


Clair said...

You are such a good wouldn't see me dead at anything footie related!
But that Tim Burton exhibition is flipping fantasic, isn't it!

Adele said...

Personally, I am a Hawker, but my hubby and my son are Pies - so a win for them and your boys would be truly awesome!! PIES PIES PIES

Rachaeldaisy said...

You jinxed it by saying no footy next week! Can you believe it's a draw?!? Does that mean you have to go to see the training again.I've heard the Tim Burton exhibition is great, I've got a friend who works at ACMI and he gave me some Tim Burton Playing cards that are so cool. Have fun getting through a football angst ridden week.

Shillyshally said...

Guess those undies weren't so lucky!

retdairyqueen said...

Oh No Not another Collingwood supporter
Hubby and No 2 daughter are both one eyed