Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh Barry!

On Friday the weather gods were being awfully generous around here!
I don't know which gods they are, but I'm gonna name him Barry.
The sun was shining, All day!!!
So, Did I grab my freshly finished quilts and run outside to take pretty photos of them strategically positioned on an old chair in front of the lemon tree, Looking like that's the way I left them?
No, I did gardening! I know!!!!
I am not a fan of gardening!!! I think its because I am an inside person so I am not out there enjoying my garden enough.
Anyway, Yesterday, Barry wasn't so kind. It rained, Alot, all day!!!
No photos still!!!
It was a great day to stay inside and sew!

Nick decided to help me

Isn't he kind?

What am I sewing you ask?
Well, A friend that I have met through the Blogiverse, Ellie, has a quilt thats gonna be on the Moda Bakeshop. How awesome is that!
It is a perfect Beginners quilt with minimal cutting and very few seams to match up but it looks awesome!
It also helps that she has made it out of Botany!!!
If you wanna check it out early there is a Tutorial on her Blog.
I hope everyone out there is safe and that the people in the parts of Victoria that are flooded from Yesterday, are all OK.



Suzanne said...

The weather is something else other than normal at the moment. In Sydney the wind is unbelievable - if it is not bolted down, it’s not going to stay down!
My daughter was sitting next to me when she noticed the pictures on your blog. She wanted to know why her Little People toy boy called Toaster is in your picture! She immediately went looking for him to make sure he made it home safe from his visit to your house. How funny is that?!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Your little helper made me laugh! Looks like some fun sewing is going on. Love that fandango! The weather sure has been strange! Barry has been a bit too generous with his spring rain in Victoria so far.

Ellie-CraftSewCreate said...

Thanks for the shout out Kelli! I cannot wait to see the quilt with Fandango, I LOVE that fabric! Happy sewing!

Clair said...

You did say...."Barry", didn't you?
I can't believe you've named God, Barry!
I am gobsmacked....I've been calling him Melvin all these years and now, yes now, I find out his name is Barry!
No wonder I've never won Tattslotto!