Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why did I have to go and say that???

Did you see that one silly sentence in my last post?
Good news? No footy next weekend! : )
Looks like I was wrong, Very very wrong!
Who would've thought that there would be a draw???
Who would've thought that they would have to play a whole grand final game again??
Why is there no overtime???
What is wrong with the AFL???
Anyway, Good news is that instead of heading into the city today to celebrate with the Magpies, I get to sit and sew!
I'll be back later with some photos.
Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!


Adele said...

Did you family sit with mouths gaping open at the sheer horror of it all yesterday? Why oh why is there no time on in a grand final? Why oh why do we have to go through the whole game again......
Enjoy your sewing! I'm teaching someone to baste and quilt their quilt today.

Clair said... get to go through it all over again. Me, I just ignore the whole thing.

Rachaeldaisy said...

LOL!! At least you get to sew this time. :)

mathea said...

Never, ever jinx it by saying such things! The footie demons will get you ;-)
Luckily my friends have long since given up on getting me interested. Whenever someone goes: "Did you see the game yesterday?", my deadpan reply is: "I'm not that into volleyball actually". That usually stops the discussion in it's tracks! ;-) Naughty me, LOL