Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Year of the painter.

Did you guys know that its the year of the Painter this year?
Whats that you say? rabbit? Huh?
Nah, I'm talking about inside my own little bubble.
This is the year that I concentrate on my painting more.
I don't often talk about my painting and work on here because, Honestly, Since Nick was born, I haven't been doing enough of it.
I figure, Kids are only little once and I didnt want to miss a thing.
Well, the ratbag is off to Kinder this year. Did you guys just hear the angels sing hallelujah too?
2 whole days a week to paint! Yay!!!

To celebrate, I finally painted my Hubbys bonnet of his big red car.
I don't know about you guys but when it comes to making things for family they seem to get left til last. alot last.
My spunky fella has been (patiently) waiting for this for nearly a year now! Oops!
Lucky he loves me :)
His t-shirt quilt car cover is still in the works too. As in, still planning in my mind stage.
Anyway, his bonnet is finished and I am wifey of the year.
Just to make things difficult he wanted the picture under the bonnet, not the smooth and easy top. No no, the rippled and bumpy side.
So its not perfect but considering it is going to be viewed by people bending down and looking at it from funny angles while the bonnet is up, It will do nicely!

I also bought a car last week!
Awesome huh? This is my second ever car. My first is my 47 year old holden that I LOVE to pieces but he is getting pretty tired.
My parents had a little black Peugeot. My Dad refered to it as his European Thoroughbred but they didn't drive it very much. So when we needed to borrow it around christmas time to bus our tribe around, Dad decided that it could stay and play at our house so with a very reasonable deal made, I now own a European thoroghbred!
Cool huh? It is so zippy and easy to park! SO much easier at the supermarket now!
I also see a blank canvas.... What do you reckon? a nice set of flames for her?
stay tuned, I will be posting photos!


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Wow!!! If I could paint like that there woild be a shortage of plain surfaces in my house! LOVE it! make sure you post your paintings more often please - just to make me jealous!!!

rachandcarl said...

Kelli, that is awesome. btw i thinkg you made a mistake. i am pretty sure the car was meant to come to MY house to live!

Andi said...

What an amazing painting!!!

Shay said...

Good Grief Girl you have some talents - and you've been hiding that ?

If I could paint like that -I'd have something in every blog post. You're amazing.

Angela W. said...

I can't wait to see more of your painting! You are so talented, congrats on the new car by the way!

Adele said...

Kel, it never ceases to amaze me at how incredibly talented you are! This is fabulous! Seriously fabulous - I would kill for an ounce of that talent!
PS: love the Peugeot!

mathea said...

Wow! That is an amazing painting - I'm sure it was worth waiting for. I agree with everybody else here - you have a great talent there, do show us more of your work - please :-)