Thursday, January 13, 2011

QLD floods

I am sure that by now you would have seen all the blogs popping up mentioning the flooding in Queensland.
It is just devastating to think about all of the poor families that have been ripped apart because of this, There have been 12 confirmed deaths and approx 70 people still missing.
So many families have lost their homes and their belongings.

This is a huge blow. These are major cities completely evacuated, Businesses are ruined.
Everyday life for these people is going to take years to get back to normal.

How can we help?
well Toni from Make it Perfect is running a fundraiser where blogs are having auctions and raffles to raise money for the Flood Appeal.
She will be having a big list of blogs that are supporting this.
One of these blogs is my lovely new Sister, Linda.
She is offering a Sherbet Pips layer cake as a giveaway. How do you enter? It will cost a $5 donation. That's right folks, You could get a layer cake for $5 AND help those in need.
Win Win!!!
She has all of the details of how to donate on her blog.
International friends can enter and donate too.

Please also check back with Toni and help where you can.

If you get the chance, Please blog about the auctions and help spread the word!

Thank you in advance.




Rachaeldaisy said...

The floods are just so awful. The auctions are such a great idea. We're donating straight to the Queensland Government hotline then I hope to make a quilt to donate sometime in the future. I figure there's families that have lost everything. It's really sad.