Thursday, January 7, 2010

Good idea in theory...

Nearly 2 months ago I was lucky enough to buy myself a Verna Honeybun. Yay! This range is amazing, I love it!!! I thought I'd put it away til I had just the right pattern. Well, a couple of nights ago I had one of those genius ideas. ( genius then, not so genius now...) I got out my Jelly roll, layer cake and charm square book and some graph paper and converted one of their patterns to fit a honeybun. I went to sleep that night really excited about how great it was gonna look. I knew it would be smaller but in my thinking the pieces would be smaller but there would be more per strip. Makes sense to me!
I think I know why it wasn't a pattern for honeybuns. Each block has 36 pieces in it. Yeah I know, thats not too bad, BUT... each block finished will measure 6 inches.
What was I thinking!!!