Saturday, January 9, 2010

Not too good!

I went out last night...
One of my bestest friends ever and her gorgeous son came to stay with us for a couple of nights so we headed down to Phillip Island last night to check out some hot rods and hear some bands play.
We managed to catch up with a heap of old friends and had a fantastic night but somehow I think I had a few too many beverages...hmmm...
I don't feel too well this morning. Ok I just looked at the clock. I dont feel too well this afternoon :(
I took my camera to get some awesome shots of the rods but they will have to wait for another post.
We are headed back tomorrow for the Kustom Nats so hopefully I will have heaps and heaps for you to check out Monday.
Hot one here today. Argh!


Anonymous said...

Aww thanks Kelli, it was good fun - bar the spider.