Friday, January 15, 2010

I blame Tula!

I tried.

I did!

I tried really hard.

I didn't buy anything at any of the Christmas sales.

Not even Fat Quarter Shops lead up to Christmas sale.

I was doing good!

until..... I needed some thread for my tail feathers quilt. I am in my final pieces of this quilt and I needed some more red thread for the "tail feathers".

I went to my local, and guess what!?! they had 30% off all fabric. Yep 30% off!!!

I have been eyeing off some hushabye for quite a while so yes, It came home with me.

I can see a new bag in my future!

Of course this is Tula's fault, Her fabrics are way too nice to not own! Now, to start saving for Plume...
Maybe I should just finsh my Neptune quilts first!