Wednesday, January 13, 2010

work done, Yay!!!

Last week while the weather was nice and comfortable I booked in a trailer to paint. It was due to be delivered on Monday night and finished by Thursday night.
Well, as Monday arrived, OMG!!! 44 degs in Melbourne!!! Stinky hot!!! followed by similar weather on Tuesday with a late change.
Hmm, that's not quite ideal painting weather...
But, I finished it already! It was an approximately 5ft square picture of a hot rod on a trailer with some writing.
It's done, Its done, It's done done done!!! YAY!!!

I am back home and since I have a spare day or two I think I deserve some sewing time!
I am so close to finishing the hand stitching on my tail feathers quilt, I just can't stop thinking about it!!!

Verna honeybun update: 10 blocks completed! many still to go...

Can you hear that? I think its my sewing machine calling me! I better go, I'd hate to keep it waiting!


Anonymous said...

Trailer looks great, well done ;) Good luck with the honeybun - can't wait to see the finished product. R.