Monday, February 15, 2010

Hmm, Quiet time...

This last week hasn't been filled with lots of exciting anecdotes to tell everyone but I did get some painting done and I did get some other things done that needed doing.
On the sewing front, I sewed some trim on some tea towels for a gift, and I finally finished my Mum's pillow cases and cushion cover! Can't wait to see it all together on her bed. Now I've just got to get my bed looking as nice!
Hopefully tomorrow I will have a finished Bento Box quilt top to show! I can't wait to finish this one! Its at the exciting "nearly" finished stage. Yay!
My little fella has taken a huge leap to becoming a "Big Boy" this weekend, No more nappies, I never knew a toilet would make me so happy!!!
Linda, My super talented sister in law from my last post has started a blog (Yay!) so if you get a chance pop over and give her some love! She has posted pics of her Jelly Filled quilt made from Cotton Blossoms.It looks great and so so so different to mine.
Even though its been a quiet time, Its all good.
Hope everyone out there is happy and healthy!