Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Word for the day... Productive!

Mum came over for the day yesterday and because we are staying home alot at the moment due to the toilet being needed at a moments notice. We decided to sew!
This is the quilt that I started last year for Jakey. I wanted a masculine one and one that he wouldn't grow out of so, Once we chose between black fabric and the fairies (fairies lost!) I got started.
It was so hard to find black prints that didn't have flowers! I made it from the Bento Box pattern. It measures approx 80 x 70 inches.
I love how it looks! It looks like something is wrong but right at the same time! Perfect for a teenager!

This next quilt was the second quilt I ever started, Way back in Aug 2008. It began as a hand pieced quilt but after adding all the borders to the dinosaurs, It got put aside and kinda just got forgotten about.

Yes, they are supposed to be wonky.
I have decided this is the year to finish all my quilts and start the ones I have planned and bought the fabric for. So, Out comes the dinosaur quilt and out comes the sewing machine.
sashings and borders were added and now is finished and waiting to be quilted! Yay!
For some reason I thought that it was gonna be a small quilt. I was wrong. It's a fair size at 62 inches square.
We also got a pair of pants and a pair of shorts finished for Nick.
All this finished in one day!
Love it!!!
Hope yours was just as good!