Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I can handle this!

It was way to hot to work on the big red car the other afternoon so my Spunky Fella and I came inside to wait for it to cool down, I couldn't let a good opportunity go by without doing some sewing.... I decided to get some work done on my Paris collection By Cinderberry stitches.
I didn't have the right stuff for the handles! Spewin! But, I can wait..... a bit. I used the sweet fabric range and I love it! Lucky.... cause last year I seemed to buy heaps of it!

This is the needle case that was in the set. I've never made a bag or a needle case before so it was quite fun. I didn't have any felt so.. My needle case doesn't actually hold needles yet but that's just a minor problem.
So I have a bag with no handles and a needle case that doesn't hold needles.
What more could I want?