Friday, April 9, 2010

Little helper

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, this has been a week to get some painting done.
Well, I must've looked like I needed some help.

He was watching what I was doing and asked for a go too. I showed him how to use the airbrush and that was it...
The ONLY way I could get it back from him was to give him his own to use!

After a quick wardrobe change due to green paint on his t-shirt we were back on track.

I'm not really sure that I needed a red and yellow piece of paper but it is now one of my favorite paintings ever : )
Everytime we go outside now, Thats all he wants to do!
At least I know what he's up to while I'm painting huh?


Anonymous said...

I just posted the comment on the wrong post. Daaaahhhhhhh.... oops!
Anyway I think Nick looks like a natural and that you better get him his own airbrush kit. lol