Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One more won't hurt....

You know when things get kinda busy, School holidays are on, Painting needs doing, House is begging to be cleaned, You've signed on for a *few* quiltalongs amd sewing projects etc...
Well, why not start another quiltalong?

Better yet, Why not wait until said quiltalong is nearly over before you even begin?

Sure you have plenty of left over fabric. It wouldn't be that hard to catch up and join in, Huh?

Well, it looks like that is just the answer!
More Sewing!!!
These are just the first three blocks.
A friend came over today for a sewing day. Perfect combination I think, Friends and pinwheels. She is using Aviary by Three Sisters and my fabric is Panache by Sanae.
I didn't get any photos of her blocks but I'll try get some Monday night at class.
It has been a great day!


Anonymous said...

The painting must be in his genes cause he looks like a natural :)