Monday, April 5, 2010


I haven't sewn in nearly TWO weeks!!!
So, I haven't really got any quilts to show and talk about.
A few friends have been telling me off for not putting enough of my paintings up here.Because I do as I'm told, (sometimes)...

These are a few of the Pin Up chicks that I have painted on canvases. The one above that is sliding down the firemans pole lives in our dining room, Which still amazes me. Usually I get so sick of looking at them while I'm painting it that I can't wait to sell them.

These other two are well and truly gone to a new home.
I have painted a few other Pin Ups but I can't seem to find the photos so I'm thinking that I REALLY was sick of looking at those ones : )

These are usually pretty fun, No stress style paintings to do which is always fun.
I have got a swap meet coming up next weekend in Castlemaine so thats why painting is on my mind. I think I'l be doing some this week as I don't have much stocked up.
Keeps your fingers crossed for me that I get it all done!