Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Neptune double hourglass quilt

All I have managed this week really is to quilt this quilt.
I went with a very similar border design as Nicks quilt, but because I used all of the honey bun strips in the hourglass blocks I had to use yardage for the floating border.
I backed it in the same fabric.
I am slowly getting better with my free motion quilting. It is so much fun!
Now I've just gotta wait for someone to get pregnant so I can pass it on.
I have also started quilting Nicks Dinosaur Uproar quilt but it is just in the ditch quilted and then straight line quilted along the sashing. Yes, I know, Not very adventurous but I think it will look OK.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous quilt, I would almost consider getting pregnant just so I could get that quilt. Ok, so it would probably be easier to make my own.

Great job on the quilting too.

Sandra said...

What a wonderful quilt!Glad I found your blog,now I`m off to explore more...;)

Mary said...

This is gorgeous! I really love Neptune combined with white sashing.