Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Thursdays...

I saw on someones blog once, they did a Happy Monday post to start each week on a happy note. Well, I like Mondays, so, I am just gonna have random happy days I guess.
So today is Thursday, and the things that have made me happy today are...
The lovely and kind thoughts of Family and Friends!

After spending a Saturday together a couple of weeks ago and Checking out warbirds together, My Brother has decided to give me his model airplane.
It is a Boomerang, I think I have already mentioned that I love the Boomerang airplanes!
My plan is to finish it along with a Mustang model that my Dad bought me and have them hanging In Nicks bedroom. They are going to look awesome!!!
Big thankyou to my Big Brother!!!

My Sister in Law, Linda ( I may have mentioned her before ) ;) Well, she has a great friend that also quilts. I have had to pleasure to meet Bev a couple of times now and I got to see some of her quilts too, Very nice!
Apparently her heart is as big as her smile because look what she sent me in the mail out of the blue

3 patterns! 2 of which she designed herself. How clever is she!?!
I can't wait to get started on these, I have some Amy Butler fabric in my stash that put its hand up for the Ginger Blossom pattern.
looks like I'm just going to have to go shopping for the others, My excuse is that I am obeying the instructions on the envelope :)
Big Thankyou to you too, Bev!
These have made me smile all week.
I hope you have had reasons to smile too!