Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Out on the town

Last Friday, I had my first night out since the start of the year.
I took along my camera, I was thinking that there might be something to blog about.
This is me (centre) with Caroline, one of my bridesmaids (left) and Lisa, Paul's cousin (right).

Well, as you can see, a slightly drunk chick and a camera equals lots of happy snaps of me and not alot else!

When I got home and looked at what I snapped, there was heaps of photos of me with nearly every one in the place!

I think it was obvious that I don't get out much...

The Guy above was the reason we were all out in the first place, He was there to sing and pose for photos it seems :)

This last one is just for Caroline, I think JD was secretly loving it! : )
Well, I had a fun night anyway!
I didn't handle the tired hangover the next day but...
Hope everyone out there has a great weekend this week.


Anonymous said...

You do paint awesome paintings and should post more of them on your blog... now to get you back out to the garage to paint some more... (I do mean that in a nice way :)