Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Heaps going on!

This year I am so DEFINITELY gonna join in the Bloggers Quilt Festival! I didn't have a blog last year when they were on but now?
BAM! I'm there! I have no idea which quilt I am gonna enter yet???
Maybe I should go start a new one : )
Notice how I didn't mention finishing one of my 3,497 unfinished quilts?
Click on the button over there in my sidebar and it will take you to it so you can join in the fun too : )

I have also signed up for the Modern Siggy Swap on Jaybirds blog. We make 101 blocks and sign each and every one by hand and send them to her and she will send me back 100 blocks signed by different people from all over the world and then I make a quilt. It should be fun to see where they have all came from!

Last but definitely not least...
Everyone knows how my parents spoil me rotten yeah? Well, They did it again!
The Australian Quilt Convention was on the other weekend and they gave me some pocket money to bring home some souvenirs. Yay!
I forgot to take my camera with me to the show so you're just gonna have to imagine all the awesome quilts that were there.
This is part of my souvenirs.
9 Fat quarters of Sugar by Art Gallery Fabrics and a little over a metre and a half of a pin dot fabric. I have my sights set on THIS quilt by Thimbleblossoms.
I also bought myself a great little folder that has an ironing mat on one side and a cutting mat on the other! Perfect for my Hexies and paper piecing.
Told you I was spoilt : )

By the way, I may have been kinda exagerating about the amount of unfinished quilts I have on the go, Its not quite that many : )



Erin O. said...

I joined the siggy swap too!