Saturday, May 29, 2010

Melbourne Modern Quilt Guilds First Meeting!

Saturday May 22nd was AWESOME!
I dropped the boys at my parents house early in the morning and Renae and I headed into the city for the inaugural meeting of the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild.
It was so much fun!
There was a bit of show and tell to begin with.

We were a tad late so we missed the beginning but there were still heaps to see!

On arrival we were handed a name tag, a goody bag and a raffle ticket.The picture below is what was in my goody bag. Everyones fabric and thread were different.

This was a bit hard to photograph clearly but we were given a quarter inch ruler that has the days details on it. Way cool!

I was wrapped when I saw my ticket was number 22. Yep, 22nd May and My birthday. Had to be a good omen yeah?
Yep! There were so many raffles during the day! I won one where I got to choose a bit of material from a stack. I have 2 charm packs and some yardage of Sultry already so this will be perfect for the binding! Yay! Score!

We didn't get to stay all day as Renae and I had to get home, We had a birthday party to go to! (more on that in the next post!)
I did join the committee. Our first meeting is next week.
I'm looking forward to the future of this quilt guild. They were all awesome chicks that are so full of enthusiasm and ideas. If you wanna join in too, Click on the button on the side column.



Dee Soden said...

This MMQG sounds interesting. I read about it somewhere else on a blog belonging to that lady that set it up. I shared it on Face Book. I hope it is a success.