Monday, May 31, 2010

Pot Holder Pass 3.

As some of you might remember I joined in the Pot Holder Pass after seeing what Mary had done in the last one.
I was super lucky enough to have Tiffany as my swap partner and this is the parcel that I received all the way from New York!

My Kitchen is grey and blue so that is what I asked for to match.

I haven't seen this fabric before but I love it! She has done such a great job in making these. She even changed the thread colour for each different part of the quilting!
She also made me a matching lavender filled trivet. Super clever!
I love it all.
Thankyou Tiffany!


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Mary said...

Wow, these are so nice! And I just love that trivet . . . I have the pattern in Stitch magazine and really want to make it one of these days!