Thursday, May 20, 2010


Everyone, Meet Rosie.
Rosie, Meet everyone!

She's a Labradoodle. I think she's definitely more Lab and less Poodle.

So cute.

Rosie is my birthday present from my Spunky Fella.
Am I spoilt or what!?!
Such a good puppy!


Kelley O said...

That is the cutest dog! Your lucky that she won't shed, we have a Labrador/Golden Retriever mix and I love her to pieces but I could knit a new dog from the hair I vacuum up. Enjoy!
Kelley O
p.s. I have your blog in my reader and I really enjoy it, Thanks

Amy said...

Very cute and happy birthday to you!

AJ said...

OMG!!! Cute dog!! I want one!!

PS Happy Birthday!

Caroline said...

Rosie is such a cutie. Hope you don't mind me popping over for cuddles before she gets too big. lol