Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not just talking and buying.

I agree, I thought this was (mostly) a quilting Blog!?!
Where are the quilts?
All I seem to do is yabber on about fabric and patterns...
Well, this was my afternoon yesterday.

I have managed to finally finish binding this monster. It fits my bed perfectly and I'm sure my dreams are now filled with lots of soft, happy cute things because of it!

This little fella is so gosh darn cute!

This is one of his mates.

They both live happily together with more friends on this quilt that I managed to FINALLY finish quilting and binding.

I recently learned a NEW TO ME binding technique. I am probably the last one in the Blogisphere to learn this,but you know what? I'm gonna rave about it anyway!
It is completely machine sewn and you don't have to worry about missing bits on the back or anything on the back at all.

I still have to practice with my mitered corners but I think for the quilts that are gonna be puked on, peed on, jumped on, made into cubby houses and dragged through the mud like this one, this is a perfect technique! SO super quick!!!

I am still going to use the "Old" technique for my special quilts and the ones that are gifts.
I have finished quilting my Neptune quilt, It still needs binding but I'm not sure which way to do it. Maybe I should flip a coin?
I finished quilting Mums 2 quilts for her too.
See, I have been sewing too, not just shopping and complaining about how hard life is when you can't decide on which fabric to buy!

Nick has become obsessed with spaceships lately. EVERYTHING in sight has a spaceship drawn on it.
A couple of years ago, I bought some of this fabric by Prints Charming. I wasn't too sure what I was going to make, Maybe a quilt?, Maybe some jammies? I got it out of the cupboard 2 days ago to show Nick and I think I could see the love hearts appear in his eyes! he tried to take the fabric to bed with him!

Plan is, I am going to make a super simple quilt with this on the front and back for him to drag everywhere. Yes, I am going to bind it in the new, beaut, super simple, quick and easy binding way!
Don't like my chances of keeping it white for very long!


Carla said...

YOu have been busy! They look great

traceyjay said...

all great stuff... the dinosaurs are cute! And nice work on making a bed-sized quilt! :)