Monday, July 19, 2010

When is a T-shirt quilt not a T-shirt quilt?

When my Fella decides he wants one for a car cover!
He wants me to make him a fitted cover out of all his old car show t's.
Hmm, Have I mentioned that this car is HUGE!?!
I reckon we could play a game of footy on the front seat and not fall over each other!

(He would probably kill me if I didn't mention that this is a "before" photo)

Does anyone have any tips for sewing with T-shirts?
I think I have to iron interfacing onto the backs yeah?
ANY help would be VERY appreciated!!!


Rachel said...

I've heard of people:
- Ironing interfacing on the back of the t-shirt
- 'Underlining' with something not stretchy
- Adding borders to the t-shirt panels to stop then stretching

You could test different methods with some spare bits of jersey from the t-shirts, eg the backs or sleeves.

Mary said...

Wowzers! I can't wait to see you tackle that one!!! :-) Good luck!

Shillyshally said...

Please tell me you are covering the car in the photo and not the truck!!! :) I have often thought of making a t-shirt quilt for Darryl of all his old skate t's! Most are in Canada, but I just hate throwing them out, even though the armpits are tread bare and crusty. Let me know how you go with this - I may follow. Good Luck!

ladybugquilting said...

Tell him He's Dreaming!!!!

Clair said...

Haha...I'm with ladybugquilting...he's dreaming....or you're mad!

Aunt Spicy said..., good luck?

BIG said...

My fella´s brother got an old coronet (1968)! Please don´t tell him this idea! He has got tons of t-schirts too! ;-)
And my man would be interrested in an "after" foto!
Good luck and: I saw your other crafts whitch I like very much - you will definitly make it good!