Friday, July 9, 2010

Mona is getting some tatts

Um, Have I mentioned before that I like the Urban Chiks?
Whats that you say? You may have heard me say that sometime?
Well, this is my favorite fabric of all their ranges.

I had one of those Duh moments the other day.
I have been wanting to paint Monas casing but I need to learn exactly how to get it off her and make sure it won't void any warranties etc...
I have been putting it into the too hard basket.
Then, I looked at her.
She was sitting waiting for her next time to shine, when I noticed that her cover is so plain. It was like it was laughing at me, taunting me that I hadn't thought of it before!

It is still a work in progress but I'm sure you get the idea! I can't wait for it to be finished!
Just don't tell my boss that I was slacking at work. : )


Kristie said...

YOU did that?? That looks amazing! You have skillz, girlfriend!

Shillyshally said...

That is such an amazing idea! I love it! Do you outsource your skills?

Clair said...

OMG! That's fantastic! I am deeply, deeply envious of your skills and your machine case.
Please Santa, all I want for Christmas is......... a custom painted case!

Rachel said...

Hey Kelli, I've tried changing my settings like you suggested... does emailing me work now?

Adele said...

You do realise how talented you are right?

Suzanne said...

Hi Kelli, I have just found your blog through Oh Fransson!Flickr group (I love her stuff!) and have had a quick look through your blog and it looks great. (I want to go through it a lot slower later). Your paint work is amazing I love the cover art. I also noticed that you love the same type of books I do. I though I might suggest another author for you - she is a supernatural romance novelist called Gina Showalter. Her Lords of the Underworld series might take your fancy. I am from Sydney and I blog at if you're interested.